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Save costs and improve processes!
Set sail with sophisticated, maintenance-free igus® products …

Lubricant- and maintenance-free products for the shipbuilding industry

The construction of increasingly larger ships poses high demands on the production processes in any wharf. igus® products display their strengths in ship construction and processing and also in many other overall shipbuilding applications: They provide safe energy supply systems for indoor cranes, welding and cutting facilities, material testing instruments, robots und transporters, etc.

Optimize the service life of your facilities and at the same time reduce the process costs with igus® high-performance polymer products. igus® products are suited for applications in almost all environments: Heat, cold, damp, dirt – we always have a solution.

An overview of the highlights:

Maintenance- and lubrication-free, predictable service life

Resistant against corrosion, salt water, chemicals and UV radiation

Suitable for use in extreme temperatures

Easy installation, flexible and modular


For use in the shipbuilding and offshore industry

energy chains and chain-friendly cables - universal use


energy chains supply energy, data and signals and are continuously in motion. We offer you all components - e-chains®, special cables, plug connectors, accessories - individually or as complete system.


Energy-efficient roller chain profile  
Roller chain profile, energy-efficient

Quiet, abrasion-resistant and maintenance-free

For long travel distances of 600 m and more

Very high fill weights and speeds

Overzicht E4.1  
Universal energy chain

Almost all applications possible

Inner heights from
21 to 80 mm.

Can be opened from both sides

Quick installation, cable-friendly design

chainflex® servo cables  
Servo cables

Bending radii from 7,5xd

Entire shield with optimum braid angle

Jacket materials: PVC or PUR

Drive Technology  
Systems for drive technology

Assembled power, servo, encoder, signal and motor cables

According to manufacturer's
standards, e.g. Siemens, Lenze, SEW, Fanuc, etc.

Bending radii from 7,5xd

readychains® - aansluitklare kabelrups-systemen  
Preassembled complete systems with all components

Increase cash-flow

Keep capacities flexible

Shorten processing times

Avoid machine

Reduce storage costs to zero

Energy chain specifically for use in offshore applications  
Energy chain for use in offshore applications

Heavy-duty energy supply specifically for use on the ocean floor.

iglidur® high-performance polymer bearings

Maintenance-free polymer plain bearings suitable for underwater use  



Corrosion resistance

Extremely insensitive to dirt

High accuracy grade

High compressive strengths

Low thermal relaxation

Good heat conductivity

Very low creeping tendency

High mechanical dampening



Product selection for the shipbuilding industry
iglidur® X  
The high-tech troubleshooter

Very high resistance
against chemicals

Very low humidity

Operating temperatures from -100°C to + 250°C in continuous operation

iglidur® J  
The fast-and-slow motion specialist

High resistance
against chemicals

Low humidity

vibration dampening

Polymer slewing ring bearings

Ready-to-install, rugged, corrosion-resistant bearing unit for high loads

For extreme overturning torques

Application in alternating ambient media possible

iglidur® H  
For wet areas

Usable underwater

For high temperatures

Chemical resistant

iglidur® UW  
Underwater bearings

For underwater applications

For fast and continuous rotations

High holding times

iglidur® UW500  
Underwater bearings

For underwater application at high temperatures

For fast and continuous movements

drylin® - Maintenance- and lubricant-free linear plain bearings




Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity

Weight reduction

Very quiet run



Insensitive to impacts and vibrations

Low coefficients of friction

High static load capacity

High speeds and accelerations possible


drylin® stainless steel linear technology  
Stainless steel linear technology

Linear bearings and guides, spindle linear units made of VA material for the highest resistance in all media.

drylin® T  
linear guide systems

Rugged linear guide for use in a wide range of (including extreme) environments. Corrosion-free, wear-resistant, low coefficient of friction.

Application examples

From the shipbuilding and offshore sector


Eight gantry cranes connected in series travel a total length of 180 m with plastic energy chains.


Boat cranes

In contrast to metal and bronze bearings, the igus® bearings do not corrode due to their high-performance polymer structure and are for this reason the ideal choice for underwater application.

Boat cranes    

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts

High load capacity and durable

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts    

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes

Corrosion-proof in sea water

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes    

Underwater boring machine

Series CF27.D servo cables in underwater applications.

Underwater boring machine    

Ship loader

Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area.

Ship loader    

3D flow distributor

Ball bearing assemblies are very precarious due to the lubricant particularly under water. Stainless steel guidances cannot be considered due to the high costs. Plastic is used also for hygienic reasons.

3D flow distributor    

Outboard motor

The "Mercruiser Six" is designed for high speed racing boats.

Outboard motor    

Boat motor
lifting device

Boat motor lifting device and inner boom roll-up device equipped with plastic plain bearings.

Boat motor  lifting device    

Rust-free roller chain

The maintenance-free polymer bearings are used in rust-proof roller chains, which are employed to drive main and auxiliary equipment.

Rust-free roller chain    

Ship fittings

Now freedom from corrosion is an important argument for the application of iglidur® G plain bearings in ship fittings.

Ship fittings    

Solar energy on a sailing boat

For protection against outdoor influences the connection cables of the solar cell were mounted in an E2 micro energy chain.

Solar energy on a sailing boat    

Helicopter hangar for ships

Telescope type deploying and retracting of a hangar at sea.

Helicopter hangar for ships    
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