Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for the
packaging industry

Lubrication-free and low-abrasion components for hygienically sensitive production lines

Where packaging comes into play at the end, sensitive goods such as food and beverages are often involved beforehand. In these complex production lines, speed, precision and purity are of the essence. Adapted to these requirements of the packaging industry, we offer a wide range of plastic machine elements that conform to FDA and EU 10/2011 stipulations, run without lubrication and maintenance breaks and make their contribution to economical production.

General packaging industry

Clean solutions for cartoners, thermoformers and labelling machines, etc.

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Food technology

FDA-compliant and EU 10/2011-compliant machine components for all process stages of food production

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Beverage technology

Components without lubricants and maintenance for filling and inspection systems, blow moulding machines, etc.

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Modular gearbox system for customised automation solutions with ready-made iDeas for re-creation.

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Our innovations in packaging technology

In 2021, we significantly upgraded our product portfolio:

  • The new iglidur AX500 material combines a long service life with food contact approval
  • Also food-compliant: the iglidurI10 3D printing material with high resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures
  • The new igubal 2.0 spherical bearing solution is impressive with five times the breaking load of conventional solutions
  • drylin W pillow blocks with separable housing allow quick linear liner replacement and high running performance

All new products at a glance

New products in 2021

More rigidity for shaft guides

Clip-on liner made of iglidur W360

▲ Tech up
  • Up to 50% less bearing clearance at the operating point
  • Easy-running lubrication-free clip-on films with reduced elasticity
  • Secure assembly due to clip-on function and press fit
▼ Cost down
  • Linear adapter 1:1 dimensionally interchangeable with metallic ball bearings
  • One bearing for linear and rotating applications

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Metal rod end bearing for the food industry

Chemical-resistant, food-grade laser sintering material

Modular gearboxes for connection to linear units

Curious about more innovations? You can find the news overview here.

Free sample box for packaging machines

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Order the sample box with the most important products for packaging technology. The box contains plain and linear bearings, a knife-edge roller, an e-chain with cables, bar stock and a brochure with information on typical applications.

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The huge motion plastics sample box

Trying things out made easy: with the igus corner, you always have the most recent motion plastics that are suitable for your individual industry to hand. 
We will bring the display to you, assemble it upon request, and fill the compartments with the products of your choice. Or you can set it up yourself. As a permanent exhibition or for a limited period of time.

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How can products in entry lanes be protected from damage? Which plain bearings do I use for cleaning at higher temperatures? The igus blog features interesting articles on the packaging industry.

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