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Zig-zag - movements as modular construction kits, delivered quickly

... Zig-zag modules delivered quickly

Zig-zag modules

The modular design of igus® e-chains® facilitates this space-saving and unconventional solution. In modern stage technology, often a variety of cables must be managed to moving stage elements or lighting trusses. Lack of space almost invariably presents difficulties. The folded e-chain® is stored in a custom-made zig-zag box. This can be unobtrusively integrated onto the trusses or into the stage. When the stage is raised or the trusses are lowered, the e-chain® unfolds and follows quietly.

Complete solution for vertical applications

e-chain® saves space when stored in the box

Available pre-assembled as a plug&play system

Lightweight, standardized and configurable

Up to 30 m high at v=0.4 m/s

All data, signals and media in one system

Typical applications:Theatre and stage technology, lighting trusses, platforms, paint shops

Zig-zag modules 3D CAD configurator for zig-zag applications in preparation
Delivery times

Delivery times

in 2 weeks

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